Key articles on the Pirates that have appeared in local and national media.

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City gets skates on Peterborough Standard 20th November 1981 CLICK HERE
Ice Gala shows how its done Peterborough Standard 28th May 1982 CLICK HERE
New sport a big success Evening Telegraph 28th June 1982 CLICK HERE
Ice hockey gets the thumbs up from city Peterborough Standard 2nd July 1982 CLICK HERE
Pirates League Debut Evening Telegraph 3rd October 1982 CLICK HERE
Gladiators of the ice are winning the city over to a great new sport Peterborough Standard November 1982 CLICK HERE
Pirates pull the crowds Peterborough Standard 10th December 1982 CLICK HERE
Pirates lose their unbeaten home record Peterborough Standard 12th December 1982 CLICK HERE
Tears For A Hero (Randy Smith retires) Evening Telegraph 27th March 2000 CLICK HERE
Farewell To A Hero Evening Telegraph 28th March 2000 CLICK HERE
A Year of Hopes, Fears and Tears ! Evening Telegraph 30th March 2000 CLICK HERE
Randy’s Last Goodbye Evening Telegraph 31st March 2000 CLICK HERE
Pirates to lose Planet Ice home Evening Telegraph 22nd April 2002 CLICK HERE
Pirates to move home ? Evening Telegraph 23rd May 2002 CLICK HERE