The aim is to have a copy of every HOME Pirates programme in the archive.

The following programmes are the only ones currently MISSING from the archive. If you can help fill in these gaps, please get in touch.


Date Opponents Venue Comp Notes
23/05/1982 Streatham Bruins H Ch 1
26/06/1982 Nottingham Trojans H Ch 2
17/07/1982 Sheffield Sabres H Ch 2
28/08/1982 Solihull Barons H Ch 2
11/09/1982 Billinghan Buccs. H Ch 2
07/11/1982 Cambridge University v Brighton (Div 3) H Lge 3
07/11/1982 Streatham Redskins H Ch 3
20/09/1987 Nottingham Panthers H Cup
06/02/1993 Ice Hockey International H Ch
19/03/1993 Basingstoke Beavers H Lge
27/03/1993 USAF Warriors H Ch
14/11/1993 Basingstoke Beavers H Lge
21/11/1993 Humberside Seahawks H Lge
14/02/1995 England Under 19s H Ch
27/11/1998 Sheffield Steelers H Cup
27/08/1999 Basingstoke Bison H Ch
29/08/1999 CSKA Moscow H Ch
03/11/1999 Team Canada H Ch
02/03/2000 Solihull Barons H Ch
12/03/2000 Fife Flyers H PO
17/03/2000 Edinburgh Capitals H PO
30/03/2000 Randy Smith Testimonial H Ch
28/11/2000 Coventry Blaze H Ch
28/03/2001 Bill Glover Testimonial H Ch
21/11/2001 USAF Academy H Ch
10/02/2002 Hull Thunder H Lge
17/02/2002 Dundee Stars H Lge
24/02/2002 Cardiff Devils H Lge


1   This was the Official Rink Opening Gala for which there was likely to be a programme of some sort.

2   These all pre-date the first official programme which was produced for the first league game on 3rd October 1982. There may have been no programmes for these games.

3   These games were both played on the same day and it is likely that the Cambridge game was Official Programme #6 and the Pirates game Official Programme #7.